Good branding is about more than fancy fonts and your favorite colors.

It's about building a connection with your clients or customers that feels authentically like you.

Good branding is about knowing the why, the driving force, and the personality behind your brand. If you don't have these, you risk being indivisible.

Bethany Works® Branding Lab is a collection of courses that help you, as a business owner, CEO, solopreneur, or side hustle extraordinaire; master branding, design, and graphics so you can stand out. I truly believe your business deserves to be seen, so let's get started.



    Learn strategies and tools


    Build your skills


    Apply your skills to your business


    Scale your business

I’m Bethany McCamish, founder of Bethany Works® design studio

I Help Purpose-Driven Businesses Communicate Clearly with Psychology Backed Design

My Story

How I Made the Pivot to Small Business Owner

Before founding Bethany Works®, I spent five years as an English teacher and graphic design instructor building a regionally recognized curriculum. I was putting my BFA degree to work! For more than 7 years I was integrated in the Pacific Northwest arts community running and curating shows that tell a story, all while sharpening my communication skills.

While teaching I took on freelance work as a side hustle and this eventually built the basis for my brand and design studio. I was able to leverage my own brand to build a business so I could quit my job. Now, I get to spend my days combining my favorite things: design and strategy. I can't wait to help you on your journey too!



    A good website makes your brand accessible and that is what I am here to help with. I help you create fluid layouts and efficient features that work to elevate your brand. No matter what platform you use, we can create a website that will have visitors jumping to work with you.


    I know how to make ideas look good, but more importantly, I know how to shape a brand strategy that allows ideas to actually get to the ideal audience, and I'm going to teach you the steps I take to do exactly that.


    You need to find just the right combination of visuals to to build a stand-out brand and that is where I come in. I've created hundreds of brands that immediately increased my client's revenue, and I'm going to help you do the same.


  • Why choose Bethany Works® Branding Lab?

    I know you have worked tirelessly to build yourself and your business. I want that hard work to pay off. That means you need to stand out from the crowd. I am here to make sure this happens. In addition to my years of experience, I back all of my work with psychology and brand archetypes.

  • What are brand archetypes?

    When you take my brand personality quiz, you’re given two archetypes that most align with your brand. Sadly, I cannot take credit for the genius of brand archetypes. This term was coined in the 20th century by psychologist Carl Jung. It has since been used by major companies to create branding that forms a specific connection with a specific audience. But I can point you in the direction of your brand archetype so you can pinpoint your brand personality traits.

  • Can I reach out to Bethany if I have any questions or need some help?

    You absolutely can! I'm always available to my students. You can send me an email at